The Dollar Adventure Club has a two-fold mission:

To create a healthy, resilient, and courageous lifestyle with a

global community of Adventurers.

To be an advocate for Disaster Resilience & Space Exploration through the

Ad Astra S.T.E.A.M. Institute

A Research & Educational Center

built inside a former Cold War era Atlas Missile Silo.

Here innovative systems will help people around the Globe to become

Disaster Resilient at home with:

Food, Water, Shelter, Air, Energy, and Medical


Mission & Vision



Matthew Fulkerson


Dollar Adventure Club

Matthew and Leigh Ann in the entry tunnel to an Atlas E Missile Base.

Photo courtesy of Thad Allton, Topeka Capital Journal

Buddy the Missile Silo Dog

In 2008 Matthew met the love of his life, Leigh Ann in an underground Missile Base near his home in Kansas. 

A couple of years later they were married, and have been Super Hosts with Airbnb, showing people from around the world the history and adventure of Missile Bases.


Since 2010 Matthew has been consulting in acquisition and sales of underground military bases and government bunkers.

In 2013 he purchased an Atlas F Missile Silo, and Co-Founded

Plan B Consulting, LLC. 

To help individuals, families, and businesses acquire the training, and assets needed to become Disaster Resilient. 


Matthew has a passion for Travel and Hospitality.  He received his degree in International Business, with an emphasis on Hotel & Restaurant Management.  

Whether it is a Hostel in Europe, or a Ski Lodge in the States, he enjoys connecting with travelers, providing them with excellent service.


For over a decade he has worked as an Independent Contractor, doing custom woodworking with his Father's business Original Woodwork. 


This has given him the knowledge and skills to work on unique projects, from original kitchens, to custom cars, and everything in between, including

Missile Bases.

Together Matthew and Leigh Ann hope to make a possitive impact in the world, through healthy living, environmental sustainability and

Disaster Resilience.

Some adventure goals are to one day:

Learn how to Kite-board

Attain a private pilots license

Venture into Space


"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future;

it is something you design for the present."

Jim Rohn

Dollar Adventure Club

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