What are some of the perks of becoming a Member?

Obstacle Course


Test your mind body coordination with a fun obstacle course.  Climb over barriers, leap from one point to the next, overcome inverted walls, and hanging challenges, till you get to the warped wall at the end. 

Building a Global Community


As a World Travelers, we love connecting with new people, and experiencing life as locals do.

We hope to attract people from around the world who want to live life to its fullest potential.

We all like to eat, drink, and be merry! This is your chance to be yourself, and enjoy the night with others. Life is short,

Have Fun!

Missile Base Adventure Race


Your race will start and end at the Missile Base.


Travel over land and water on bikes and kayaks.

At each checkpoint you may encounter challenges along the way. From starting a fire, to preforming basic first aid on the trail, you must prove you have what it takes to survive in the wild.

Finish the race with an obstacle course at the Missile Base.


Find out what your limits are, then push yourself to become stronger & faster.


Cooking Classes

Learn how to plant Permaculture gardens outside, and grow fresh food indoors year-round. 

Become disaster resilient by creating a pantry of freeze-dried food, that has a 25 year shelf-life.

Participate in cooking classes, and learn to make your favorite dishes out of survival food.

Explore the Countryside


Getting out in Nature keeps us healthy.  Learn how to survive in the wild, read a map, start a fire, source and purify water, and perform basic first aid, so you are safe on the trail.  Wherever your next Adventure takes you, these skills will help.


Discover New Technology

As we have entered into the Space Age, we are constantly amazed at all of the creative innovations which are advancing the Human race at an exponential rate.

Our desire is to showcase the technology which will enable us to colonize the Moon and distant Planets, as well as provide for all of our needs on the Earth today.

Dollar Adventure Club

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