Dollar Adventure Club


Site I

Subterra Castle

Atlas E Missile Base

Located in the

Flint Hills of Kansas.

just west of Topeka, the State Capital. 

It’s not that hard to find us, but it even harder to leave.

Site II

Ad Astra S.T.E.A.M. Institute

Atlas F Missile Base

Located in the

Smokey Hills of Kansas.

Currently Under Construction


This is part of your Adventure

The fun is in the Journey

it takes to get here, by

planes, trains, and automobiles

what will your story be?

The Missile Base was strategically located away from densely populated areas, hidden safely underground.


Can you get here?


By Car

Located a mere 10 minutes drive off of Interstate Hwy 70, we are easy to get to,

on paved roads the entire way.


By Plane

Kansas City International Airport is approximately 100 miles away from Site I at Subterra Castle.


On event days we will provide a party shuttle service to and from the Airport for a $25 fee.


By Bicycle

Ah ha ... if you have the tenacity to ride a bike to my site,

then also ride the race,

you are one special person! 


Get out here, we want to meet you amazing men and women who want to join the

Dollar Adventure Club!


Dollar Adventure Club 

Dollar Adventure Club

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