Adventure Awaits

You are invited to come experience an

Adventure of a lifetime!

Book a Missile Base Adventure today!

We are developing this former Missile Base into an Eco-Adventure Resort for you to enjoy.

It is about developing a community of Adventurers from around the World.


Life is Grand, Live it to the Fullest!

Can't stay overnight??

Come for the tour!


Book your Adventure camping at a Missile Silo

on Airbnb!

We are Super Hosts on Airbnb, and love to meet people from around the world.

We book our Adventures through Airbnb, because it is a trusted community of global travelers.


By booking a night stay you will be supporting our project of building out the

Atlas F Missile Silo

into an Eco-Adventure Resort.

Come stay a night out under the stars and enjoy helping us on this journey.

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Dollar Adventure Club

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