We are currently remodeling the former

Launch Control Center of an Atlas F Missile Silo,

into the Ad Astra S.T.E.A.M. Institute.  


Here we will demonstrate the use of new technology to create a smart home which will produce, fresh food, pure water, clean air, and consistent energy all localized

safe within the home.


This is technology you can implement in your home too, becoming self-reliant and

disaster resilient. 



The ultimate goal is to develop an Eco-Adventure Resort & Spa

with a Space-Age theme in the former Atlas F Missile Silo. 


Here members will have low-cost access to a 3-day underground experience like no other.


Learn about new technology which you can implement into your own home. 

You will participate in courses on wilderness survival, which will include basic first aid,

search and rescue, so you feel prepared on the trail.  You will also learn how to source water and purify it, how to grow food at home, or find it in the wild, and community building skills 

to help positively impact the world around you.

In your free time you will have access to all the luxury amenities such as an indoor pool, and spa, rockclimbing wall and obstacle course, night club, IMAX theater, gym and martial arts dojo, gaming room, target practice, or grab a coffee and relax, reading a book in the library.


There are many ways to capture Energy.

From the Sun, the movement of the Wind, the flow of Waters, even Gravity itself.

The real game changer is storing energy, for use throughout the day and night. New battery systems enable us to have consistent energy.




Global Climate Change is effecting how food is grown on the Earth. 


We are promoting systems that will provide healthy nutritious food directly from the home.



71% of the surface of this Planet is covered in water, yet we have a shortage of pure water for everyday uses.

Technology and innovation allow for us to capture & purify water for drinking and daily use.



The Smart home of the future will be 3D constructed from renewable materials, built to be disaster resilient.

New Intelligent systems will manage, energy, water, air systems, and appliances, seamlessly in the background.




Functional Fitness will keep the body strong and capable to overcome obstacles.

By having healthy habits we will live longer more productive lives.  

Dollar Adventure Club

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